Giving you all the food facts so you can make an empowered decision on your own.

Beginners Guide to Balanced Nutrition

Redefine the word “diet” and learn how to fuel your body the sustainable way

An 8 module, self-paced nutrition course that will help you better understand nutrition, cultivate a healthier relationship with food and your body, and help you to develop behaviors to promote a balanced lifestyle. 



Do you,

→ have a “good” or “bad” day based upon what you ate?
→ feel like you can’t find a diet that works for you long term?
→ feel guilty when you have dessert, a slice of pizza, or a drink?
→ feel like you “fell off” your nutrition and fitness routine during quarantine and don’t know how to get back on track?
→ feel tired of obsessing over calories and macros?
→ want to feel empowered by your nutrition instead of defeated?

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I GET IT! I counted macros religiously for 4 years and it ruled my life.

I would have a “good” or “bad” day based upon whether or not I stayed within my macros. 

It caused me to stay in a “restrict and binge cycle” because I was depriving myself so strictly causing my cravings to spike through the roof late at night.

I would go to restaurants and complain about never finding anything to eat on the menu.

Sometimes I would sit at the table at a restaurant and not order anything because nothing on the menu fit my macros and I would just watch my friends eat around me.

In fact, during a trip to California with my husband and friends, I made them pass over a dozen restaurants because I couldn’t find anything to eat on the menu that fit my macros.


If I knew I was going to be drinking that night, I would only eat protein and vegetables so that I could have “room” to drink alcohol. 

If I knew I was going to be drinking that night, I would only eat protein and vegetables so that I could have “room” to drink alcohol. 

This always backfired and I would come home and binge on all the foods I had been restricting.

In the long run, I may have had a shredded six pack but the obsessive macro counting destroyed my mental and emotional health.

After having macro burnout, I stepped away from counting for about 6 months to focus on healing my relationship with food and to learn how to eat without restriction.

I wanted to take my power back and not allow food or counting macros to control my life.

As a result, this has been the most fun summer I have ever had because food is not controlling my life and I’m actually enjoying my time with friends and family.

After going through this experience, I’ve created a coaching method based on educated decision making skills and a more intuitive eating approach. This will allow you to make sure that you are eating right for your goals, rather than feeling deprived and exhausted.  You will also learn how to get the right balance of protein, carbs, fats, and fiber for your body.



This method also gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love and enjoy and treat yourself when you want to, without food guilt.

This method gives you the knowledge of macros BUT eliminates the macro counting obsession, and helps you to have a healthy, balanced, holistic approach to nutrition with food freedom.


I’ve had so much success with this method, that I can’t wait to share it with you in the Beginners Guide to Balanced Nutrition.

Are you sick of fad diets and feeling like a failure when it comes to your nutrition?

Do you,

→ Avoid social situations because you are letting macros and fad diets rule your life?

→ Panic when you think about counting macros for the rest of your life?

→ Struggle with:

  • Poor sleep?
  • Low energy?
  • High stress?
  • Crappy workouts
  • Mood swings?
  • Hair loss?
  • Hormone imbalances?
  • Low sex drive?

Are you lost and confused when it comes to nutrition?

Do you,

  •  Have no idea what portion sizes look like?
  • Have no idea how to create a macro-balanced meal or where to start with food prep and grocery shopping?
  • Think you’re eating too much or don’t even know if you’re eating enough?

I believe that nutrition is a form of self-care and this course will give you the knowledge to feel like a nutrition expert and find the balance in your life that you have been looking for.

Imagine if,

  •  You felt empowered by having your meals planned and prepped for the week AND ALSO didn’t feel restricted or trapped by this plan.
  •  You understood what your body needed based upon your body type, daily activity, and goals.
  •  You were finally not at war with your body and with food.
  •  You took a self-care approach to nutrition versus focusing on weight loss only.
  •  You could go on vacations or hang out with friends and not feel guilty for eating fun foods and drinking.

This course is for you if you:


→ Are obsessed with macros and are trying to break your obsession with macros by finding a more balanced and flexible approach to your nutrition.


→ Don’t know anything about nutrition, macros, portion sizes, food prep, or grocery shopping and want to learn.

In this course you will learn,


→ How to use macros and hand portion sizes as a tool

→ Mindset shifting tools that will help you achieve body acceptance and food freedom

→ Habit building skills to promote healthy lifelong behaviors

→ Guidance on how to optimize your schedule for meal planning and time management

→ How to listen to your body's signals (low energy, poor sleep, foggy brain…) and change your routine to minimize these symptoms

→ How to balance your hormones

→ Skills to cope with anxiety and stress



Beginners Guide to Balanced Nutrition

What you will get:

8 pre-recorded modules (see topics below)

Weekly exercises to work on shifting behaviors and building habits

Master Your Macros Guide

Private facebook group exclusive to this course

 3 pre-recorded group coaching calls with guest experts

Lifetime access to the recordings of all the coaching calls


Weekly Modules


Module 1: Free Yourself from Diet Culture and Diet Mentality

Module 2: Learn How to Eat Guilt Free

Module 3: Changing Behaviors to Promote Lifelong Health 

Module 4: Using Macro Counting and/or Hand Portions as a Tool to Understand What Your Body Physically Needs

Module 5: Cultivating Mindfulness and Treating Yourself with Self Compassion (part 1)

Module 6: Cultivating Mindfulness and Treating Yourself with Self Compassion (part 2)

Module 7: Learn to Cope with your Feeling without Food

Module 8: Finding Body Liberation

Guest Coaches


Krissann (Life Coach)

Christine (Holistic Hormone Nutritionist) 

Wade (Mindfulness Meditation Coach)

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