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I help women find their inner strength and beauty through functional fitness, proper nutrition, and mindset coaching. I believe that obsessing over weight loss and restricting calories is the wrong approach to a healthier lifestyle and I pride myself in veering away from the societal norm of weight loss. I want to teach women that we can stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting and find a more sustainable, balanced lifestyle where we can finally enjoy life, not obsess over food, and love our bodies (at any size). Life is short, eat the damn donut and drink your glass of wine!

Getting quick results takes drastic measures. This is unsustainable and leads to unhealthy habit building such as restrict and binge eating.


Taking the marathon approach allows you to see slow results but builds healthy lifelong habits. This approach is sustainable and leads to a balanced lifestyle. THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE AIMING FOR.


Are you over the yo-yo dieting?


Stop looking for a short cut. Stop hiring coaches who don’t care about your mental well being or are fixated on having you lose weight. Don’t work with a coach who gives you unrealistic goals or puts you on 1,200 calorie diets.


Find a coach who wants to help you build healthy, sustainable, balanced lifelong habits.


If you are looking to make these changes, FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AND LETS CHAT!

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