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The KB Shred Program


The kettlebell shred programming is designed to help you build muscle, increase both your cardiovascular and muscle endurance, lower your resting heart rate, and aid in fat loss. Kettlebell Shred is built around kettlebell training, bodyweight training, and requires access to multiple kettlebells, bands, and a plyo box or bench.


Program design combines progressive strength training exercises and finishers that are constantly varied to challenge the body. Each workout is split up into 3 parts; warm up, primary strength, and a 15-20 minute challenging yet fun finisher. You will see the same primary strength exercises for 6 weeks in a row. During these weeks, your goal is to try and increase the weight that you are using for the exercises that were given.


After 6 weeks, the exercises will be tweaked to challenge the body differently,  progressing to more difficult movement patterns. The finishers will always be randomized to keep the body guessing, constantly challenging the body in fun new ways.

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