Personalized PROGRAMMING

Do you ever go to the gym with no idea what to do? Do you feel out of place or not welcome at the gym because of lack of knowledge or exercises or weight training? Have you tried different generic training programs but still don’t see the results you want? Personalized programming with Get Up With Hannah is here to get rid of your worries. You tell me your goals, availability, and equipment you have access to and I do the rest for you. 



You will receive a 4 week program through my app where you will be able to access your program and log your progress. The app will also allow me to check in on your progress and communicate directly with you about your training. Once you receive your program you will be responsible for completing the workouts and writing notes on your sessions such as weight and how you felt during the movements. Please keep in mind that the more you tell me, the better I can optimize your next month of programming.


When you sign up you will receive an email from me with instructions on how to access my app and a questionnaire so that I can better understand your goals.